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Moving Forward from 2019

From editions to publications.
That is our motto for 2020.  Based on experiences in 2019, we’ve not only converted our vof partnership into a company.

We’ve introduced quite another approach in our publishing plan. Publishing issues with 64 pages or more means that all publicity has to wait for the last article or page to be ready for print.The timing of the publication moment is therefore always stressful. Stress that can be justified in the context of an event or exhibition, but also in that perspective we have noticed that both the larger and smaller exhibitions are already having difficulty choosing the optimal date. The dynamics in the business and the desired flexibility to respond to actual circumstances and the increasingly shorter life and sales cycles urge to let go the traditional working method with an ‘appearance schedule’. From now on we publish how and when our clients consider it desirable.

Content Syndication 

The collaborations we started in 2019 with Motor Presse Stuttgart (titles such as Outdoor, Roadbike, Mountainbike and Karl) and Deutscher Ski Verband (title: SKI & BERGE-Das DSV Magazin) and EDM Publications (title: SGI Europe) give us access to a very large content library that lends itself perfectly to organizing an flexible, intensive publication schedule. With Reports, Introductions and Tests that we can distribute to the communities behind our titles.

The combination of available email addresses of subscribers and advertisers ensures that the reach of our titles is digitally no less than the reach of our printed magazines. The possibilities for expanding the reach with target group-selective promotions provide efficient options for tailoring the range of specific publications. 

Print remains

Printed editions ae here to stay; do not disappear. Just like for example the weekly, digital, Sport Partner E-News. Where the weekly E-News has proven its value and usefulness in 2019, the printed editions will have to prove their value and usefulness again and again. In principle, we produce and publish the content digitally (with accompanying – accessible – pricing) and when demand is sufficient we will also publish in a bundled edition (print).

And just as the editorial production and publication is in first instance a combination of text / image, we are also capable of producing and/or publishing a video production including a commentary voice-over and, for example, graphics.

Focus on Travel, Sports and Lifestyle

The name of the publishing house has been deliberately chosen, ‘sports’ and ‘lifestyle’. In these domains the focus is on information and inspiration. This is what we want to offer readers. However, the setting, the background will always be a trip, holiday or shortbreak. At home or abroad. And therefore is ‘travel’ the third point in the triangle. And to accentuate this focus, we merge the titles HIKE & trekking and BIKE & trekking into BIKEHIKE & trekking.

 Alongside we will give the platform a much more prominent place. With BIKEHIKE in spring / summer and SNOW in autumn / winter and Sport Partner as a connecting trade magazine,  the portfolio is ‘trimmed’ and clear. Attuned to the mergers, which we see clearly in the industry as well as among consumers, between the ‘hike and bike target groups’, the summer and winter collections and target groups.

Maas van Drie and Adri Ulfman

We are ready for you. With references and examples from 2019. From 1 January, we’ve organised our office at Sports Business Center in Leusden. Come and meet us there; You can always count on a cup of coffee or tea, glass of water or wine (depending on the time of the day) and a listening ear. You can be sure about a follow-up from us.

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